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I make video projects sound their best


Making an industrial or explainer video? Corporate video? Whiteboard video? TV or radio commercial? Audiobook? Training video series? App, animation or video game? 


Make your job easier. Hire a professional male voice actor who can make your video sound:

  • Approachable,

  • Friendly,

  • Funny,

  • Warm,

  • Informal,

  • Professional,

  • Promotional,

  • Educational,

  • ...and more.


I'm a trained voiceover actor and narrator, and a veteran of the advertising, marketing and production industries. I know how to collaborate effectively with producers, writers, designers, creative directors and other industry professionals.

I operate a professional studio using industry-standard VO recording technology.

I write video scripts

In a rush? On a tight budget? I can develop, write and edit scripts. Whether you're creating a 30-second ad, 1-minute explainer video or 2-hour instructional module, I can work with you to create your script. Then record it for you quickly.

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